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Fire up the DeLorean: A trip through The Siskiyou’s past

“Living North of The Boarder” by Rolando Flores (The Siskiyou, November 24, 1992) “Americans have the right to be racists against us, this is their country,” said Maria Gonzalez from Guadalajara, Mexico, in a conversation with her seven-year-old daughter while she complained about how she was treated by some Americans. Out of ignorance, maybe out […]

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Submit a brief statement (100 words or less) on why Pabst Blue Ribbon is a true gentleman’s drink. Please keep submissions tasteful (no pun intended). Winning submission will be immortalized in the hallowed pages of The Siskiyou commentary section.  

OSPIRG’s 5 Tips to Save Energy

1. Plug your computer system into a power strip and turn off the strip when you leave the room or go to sleep. 2. For that study lamp, use compact flourescent light bulbs. 3. Wash only full loads of laundry (but don’t over stuff the washer or dryer either.) 4. Set your computer to go […]

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 26 through Oct. 3

Textbook Prices Just Aren’t Right As most people are well aware, the prices of college textbooks are increasing at a staggering rate. Most students pay anywhere from $300 to $900 per term for their textbooks. That’s just not right! Something must be done to change this! The good news is that there are various affordable […]

Fire up the DeLorean: This ain’t your mother’s scrapbook

Southern Oregon University Siskiyou enthusiast Megan Zeimer highlights some of her favorite stories from Siskiyou’s past Where have all the black profs gone? by Wendy Homrighaus (The Siskiyou, January 12, 1993)  How many black faculty members have you seen at Southern Oregon State College lately? None. But why? Over the last 10 years at SOSC, […]

The Siskiyou says goodbye to print edition

The Siskiyou says goodbye to print edition

 … in favor of new and improved online edition Breaking up is always hard to do and no one will be sadder than the staff at The Siskiyou when we have to wash our ink stained hands and say goodbye to one of the most prominent parts of our college experience in January. But never […]

Cupcake controversy at California college campus

Cupcake controversy at California college campus

Earlier this month, the College Republicans at the University of California, Berkeley, held a bake sale for what might be the nation’s most controversial cupcake. The campus organization made headlines when they held a bake sale where the price of baked goods would be based on a sliding scale, meaning the price a student would be […]

Let the Rebellion Begin

Almost 70 percent of students reported not purchasing one or more assigned textbooks because they couldn’t afford it, according to a new survey released by the Student Public Interest Research Group. College Board, a service that helps to prepare students for college through tutoring and college application advice, reports the average student will spend approximately […]

Got milk?

Anthropology student works to bring lactation rooms to campus Student and mother Tori Geter is working to provide breast-feeding mothers at the university with a private, comfortable and safe space to breast feed or pump while on campus. Signs stating “the inclusive we” decorate the Southern Oregon University campus, and students are encouraged to express […]

Now take a deep breath

Breathalyzer machine helps you “check before you wreck” Insert a dollar and blow. That’s how simple and convenient it is to test your blood alcohol content with a new type of vending machine appearing in local bars and taverns in Ashland. Southern Oregon University alumni Geoff McPherson supplied his breathalyzer vending machines to the Oak […]