American activist released from Peru prison

American activist Lori Berenson was released from prison Monday.

American activist Lori Berenson was released from prison Monday. Photo courtesy of

An American activist was released from a Peru prison Monday after serving more than 15 years.

Lori Berenson was arrested for her involvement with the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, a now inactive revolutionary group responsible for some internal conflicts within Peru.  Berenson said during her trial that she didn’t know the people she was associating with were members of  the MRTA.

Her imprisonment was controversial, as some believed she did not receive a fair trial, and her human rights were being compromised.

Berenson created false press passes for herself and a MRTA member photographer in order to obtain access to the Peruvian Congress in Lima.

Berenson was originally sentenced to life in prison, but a changed government in Peru in 2000 granted her a new trial.

Berenson was first released on parole in May of this year, after serving 15 years of her modified 20 year sentence.   She was granted the parole under the condition that she stays in Peru for the remaining five years of her sentence.

The same judge that released her faltered on his decision, re-arrested her in August, and re-released her Monday.



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