On the piss: The Black Sheep

Essentially, The Black Sheep is indeed what it claims to be: a traditional English pub and of course it is public knowledge that we Brits enjoy a drink or two or… you get the picture.

This truly splendid establishment endeavors to maintain this age-old English drinking tradition with a happy hour from 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Black Sheep is also committed to opening everyday from 11:30 a.m. until 1 a.m. It also boasts an eclectic mix of fine British beverages: Guinness, whiskey, beer, cider or a delicious but lethal mixture of beer and cider: the “snake bite;” a favorite of English university students…although I do urge you to lead your own investigations in order to determine why this is the case (not that I condone drinking at all).

This traditional English pub is located on 51 N. Main St., downtown on Ashland’s Plaza, and unites the ambience of the country and the city, due to its cosy open log fire and opulent high ceilings.

Serving a traditional English menu, with a few additional flavors to send your taste buds tingling, the food is absolutely delicious.  A personal favorite of my own is the blackened snapper with cilantro, lime and butter; I know it’s not ‘bangers and mash’ but it’s equally delightful.

The Black Sheep is certainly not a rowdy college hangout however; it is the ideal place to enjoy a nice meal or sociable drink with friends and although the drinking age is still unfortunately 21, all are welcome until 11 p.m. Perhaps this establishment is even the perfect chilled out place to take a date; the fruity array of Guinness’s that the venue has to offer certainly suits that of a feminine pallet and I’m sure that endeavoring to taste the vast selection would certainly be nothing less than entertaining. Plus, if the date goes really bad there’s always an HD TV that covers major sporting events; board games and darts… although on second thoughts, perhaps not the darts…

In addition to this, The Black Sheep also bestows its patrons with the rare and exceptional entertainment form of the exotic belly- and aerial-curtain dancers.  Although the lovely ladies only come out to play the 1st Friday of every month after the Art Walk Participation, their performance is truly spectacular. The event is produced by the venue’s gracious and gifted landlady, Susan Chester, and is an extremely popular event within Ashland, featuring astounding and mesmerising acrobatics which are an essential must see.




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