Eat your heart out: La Casa Del Pueblo

As I walk into La Casa Del Pueblo, I hear a familiar and friendly voice: “Hola, mi amiga! How are you today?” Salvador de la Cruz, the manager of the family business, grabs a menu and sits me at a booth by the window.

Not long after that, one of the waitresses comes by with a glass of water, a basket of hot tortilla chips, and a cup of homemade salsa. At La Casa Del Pueblo, one can’t help but feel well taken care of.

As usual, I order one of the daily lunch specials: a chicken burrito with rice and beans, all for only $5.50. I glance around, noticing that most tables are filled. However, the staff doesn’t seem at all overwhelmed, continuing to give great service to its customers.

Located on Siskiyou Boulevard, directly across from Southern Oregon University and within walking distance of Ashland High School, the staff at La Casa Del Pueblo sees plenty of students and faculty members come in for lunch during the week.

When I asked Salvador for a guess as to how many students he serves, he replied that at least 40 high school and 10 college students come in for lunch each day, as well as faculty and classified employees of the college.

As a restaurant that has been in business for 16 years, Salvador and other staff members have noticed a trend in what is ordered most often: the chimichanga and the variety of soups are served most to customers of La Casa Del Pueblo.

While these meals may be the most popular, many opt for one of the daily lunch specials, which include a main Mexican dish, alongside rice, beans and chips with salsa, all for just $5.50.

For customers 21 and over, La Casa Del Pueblo offers a variety of drinks, including beer and cocktails. Salvador recommends a traditional margarita for patrons of the drinking age.

La Casa Del Pueblo also has a downstairs banquet hall that can seat 45 people, for parties and business meetings.

As a regular consumer of the fresh, delicious meals that La Casa Del Pueblo has to offer, I highly recommend this restaurant to Ashlanders and out-of-town commuters, as well as students who want to try something different.

“How was the food today, miss? Muy bueno?”

“It was very good. Thank you so much, and I’ll see you on Thursday, Salvador.”

“Okay, we’ll see you then!”

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