How to (legally) ace your final: good study habits

Finals week is here and we all want to do well on them. When managing spare
time with finals from different classes, we find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed.

As much as we would like to just skip the whole week, finals are something we all have to endure. Here are some healthy study habits for students at Southern Oregon University.

There are multiple aspects to healthy studying and retaining information. First you have a social standpoint. Make sure you are communicating with those taking the same course as you are. Find someone whom you are comfortable with and suggest going out to coffee or lunch.

Stay in contact with close friends and family whom support and encourage you and your educational goals. Also contact Student Affairs or Success at Southern or even your advisor for help when needed. Your education should never be something to be shy about getting help with.

The second aspect is physical. How you take care of your body plays a huge role in academic success. Maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule. Exercise daily even just fifteen to twenty minutes is great.

As college students on the way to success we like to have fun but we need to make sure and avoid unhealthy activities. Excessive drinking, drugs, video and computers games and gambling are a few activities to avoid during finals week.

Breathing exercises and meditation or mindfulness are great emotional strategies for staying focused during finals week. Taking a walk or listening to music are great distractions when you need a break. Always notice when you are having a good time!

Another aspect to healthy study habits is cognitive. It is never good to compare yourself with other because everyone has different abilities. Rather than focusing on what you can’t accomplish, keep your mind wrapped around what you can do and what you do well.

Stay positive by just accepting what is and not allowing it to bring you down. Send positive thoughts about yourself into to the universe instead of negative. Seek professional help if you are unable to do so.

We all lose our motivation for study from time to time. Some healthy motivational strategies include keeping your eye on the prize. Remember why you took the courses you took and your goal when the class first started.
Visualize yourself getting your degree and going out to celebrate! Talk with other students as well as your professors about what you are doing and be open to suggestions.

Last but not least, make sure you balance your study time with fun time. Too
much of either one could hinder you during finals week.

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