SOU Confessions: the best of the best week 1

The Southern Oregon University Confessions Facebook page has been enormously popular among the student body of SOU, wracking up over a thousand likes and over two thousand posts since its inception on Feb. 20, 2013.

The page allows students to anonymously post “confessions” about their experiences at SOU through a SurveyMonkey form. The administrators review each post for hate language and offensive comments, and then publish it on the page. Click here to see the latest posts or submit one of your own.

The Siskiyou is proud to present the top posts on the Southern Oregon University Confessions page from the last week, chosen by the page administrators:


2372 “I smile at everyone I walk by at school because I’m afraid I might have met them when I was drunk and forgot.”

2376 “It’s only week 2 and I’m already wishing the library was open 24 hours…”

2393 “Drinking out of jars makes me feel really cool.”

2396 “So today is the official day of me being off my Prozac. Thank you SOU for being amazing and totally helping me with my depression! At my old school everyone treated me like a crazy person because they treated me so badly which in turn end up putting me on Prozac. SOU you are one amazing place :)”

2426 “I switched the pictures that my roommate has of his family with pictures of Will Smith’s family. He’s white and he still hasn’t noticed,….it’s been two days so far…”

2439 “I CONFESS that I am scared of the dark and I am 22”

2458 “I get such a thrill popping open pressurized Pillsbury dough containers”

2474 “I smell my own armpits when no one’s looking because I wear men’s deodorant, I sometimes pour honey straight into my mouth, I run down the halls naked at four in the morning a couple times a week, it is my dream to ski a run with no clothes on even though I’ll get kicked off the mountain, and I sometimes masturbate to Whose Line Is It Anyway because Ryan Stiles is sexy. You asked for real confessions, here they are.”

2497 “I’m a 19 y.o. girl and I don’t know how to do my own eyeliner…”

2498 “I eat more than any man I know. I’m also smaller than most girls I know. I’m so screwed when my metabolism catches up to me. But for now, bring on the fourth slice of cake.”

2513 “I have had hair on my chest since the sixth grade. I got made fun of every day. so i shaved it until No-Shave-November of 2012 (8 years). I got used to being lazy and gave up on shaving it. Now I have a girlfriend. She thinks it is sexy and I couldn’t be happier :-D”

2533 “I’m a dude and I want to hug every sad person I ever see. I hate seeing people being sad. Cheer up y’all :)”

1729 “You’re so vain you probably think this confession’s about you.”

1719 “It surprises me the range of comments on here. Some of the comments on here can be really sweet and smart and honest. I posted a confession awhile back (like in the 700s) about an ex boyfriend and the comments were so sweet I teared up a little. It’s nice to know I have a little anonymous support group to make me feel better but also to be straight up to me. That’s why this page is awesome(:”

1715 “Caffeine is now my officially my blood type. Thanks, finals.”

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