How To: Stay Warm and Look Cute

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For all of its beauty, Ashland is a very cold place to live. The occasional snowfall and blanket of frost may look great in a photograph home, but it makes it difficult to stay warm! You may find that once you finally find a warm, reliable coat and dry, cozy boots, they make you look more like a snow beast than a snow-bunny. If this is the case, I’m here to help!

Depending on your body type, there’s any number of coats that will be flattering for you, however, there are some basics to keep in mind that are flattering for all body types. When shopping, pay attention to fabric – this will affect how the garment falls on you. Materials like wool are great for staying warm, but don’t do a great job of keeping you dry. Unless you don’t mind carrying an umbrella, I recommend materials like nylon and polyester for beating the rain and snow. However, these materials are typically very thin and not always the warmest. This is where it gets tricky: finding a coat with the warmth of wool and the wetness protection of nylon while still looking and feeling as great as you are! This brings us to shape. Look for a coat or jacket that has a nipped in waist, meaning it’s either directly defined by something like a belt or a drawstring, or it has a tapered shape toward the center sides of the garment. This will keep the focus on the smallest part of your body, creating an hourglass appearance. Outerwear like this is available at various stores (some listed below) for a range of prices, but I recommend any retailer that sells Colombia apparel. They have a wide range of sizes and colors, and almost every style is water-resistant and built for warmth. Their prices are a little higher than some of the other retailers mentioned, but it’s likely a good investment.

When it comes to footwear, boots are always my pick. Not only is there a wide variety based on price, durability, and size, but this is also an area where self-expression can really shine through. Whatever style you decide on, make sure to get a pair that’s made of a thicker, water-resistant material like rubber. Thick socks will keep you warm, but they can’t keep you dry! And if you absolutely can’t resist a suede or leather pair, check out a water-repellant spray (there’s one at Payless for a great price) to keep them looking new.

That covers the basics of staying warm and dry while looking great, now have fun with accessories! Scarves, gloves, and hats are great ways to look cute while staying warm, so play around with different styles and prints. This is a fun way to stay practical while setting yourself apart from the crowd. Try finding colors and patterns that coordinate nicely with your new outerwear and boots for an allover polished look. Good luck!


Stores to Shop:, American Eagle,,, and – just to get you started. Happy shopping!