Rogue Air Park Will Put a Spring in Your Step

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Rogue Valley residents are about to get the opportunity to put a little more bounce in their step and pizzazz in their jump.  Rogue Air, the first recreational trampoline park between Portland and San Francisco, will open at 519 Medford Center Dr. in Medford on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Formerly Circuit City, the 20,000 square foot park will feature 7 trampoline areas that provide jumping enjoyment for the entire family.  Dodgeball was perhaps one of my favorite games as a child (and adult, if I am honest).  What could be better than playing it on trampolines?  Maybe I will finally be able to make a real dunk on the basketball court.  Perhaps extreme volleyball on trampolines will finally help me get it over the net. Although I have no experience in a half-pipe whatsoever, I will embrace the opportunity to experience it on a trampoline.  As you can see, there are many options available to spice up your recreational life.

The facility and staff’s main focus is safety.  There will be trained workers monitoring each trampoline with nets and mats in place.  Every person participating is required to sign a waiver and watch a safety video before they are permitted to jump.

Rogue Air offers various packages for birthday parties and corporate events.  Detailed pricing is available on their website at  Trampolines are a great form of exercise and this facility provides an avenue for family, fun, and fitness all under one roof.  General admission prices are $10 per hour on weekdays and $12 an hour on weekends, which includes Friday.  For more information call 541-200-1100 or email