Call For Writers!

Southern Oregon Senior Angelica Crimmins is on the search for talented writers and artists on campus who wish to submit their work to be combined in her capstone project of creating an online magazine.  Pippi Magazine hopes to publish pieces which will blur fiction and nonfiction while making connections between the stories and everyday life.

Crimmins, a writer herself, has gained experience working for The Siskiyou as well as The Daily Tidings.  Though proven already as a journalistic writer, she hopes this project of hers will showcase out-of-the-box pieces that will be as colorful as the character from which it gets its name.

“I am inspired by the wit and wisdom of children’s books,” Crimmins said via email. “The magazine is named after my favorite protagonist, Pippi Longstockings, because I’d like the magazine to capture her cheekiness and wild spirit.”

Crimmins is an English major in her senior year here at SOU and has taken courses in critical response writing, grant writing, as well as some fiction, but she says she still spends “a great deal of time not writing and stressing about what I should be writing.”

Having taken an array of literature and writing courses, Angelica is aware of the creativity among her peers and wants to portray the school’s talent for her last project as an undergraduate. Pulling off the formating of a digital project of this magnitude would speak to the senior’s abilities in the field of multimedia. “What’s so appealing to me about media design is that it introduces content and images to each other, then turns them into best friends.”

While the focus of the magazine will be on flash nonfiction, photographers, comics, and critics are also encouraged to send in their work, which will be displayed on

“I’m open to story ideas if anyone wants to brainstorm over coffee. I’m also bribing people with homemade chocolate chip cookies if they submit something that responds to literature one way or another.”

Writers and artists of all trades are encouraged to get in touch with her at