7 Things You Need To Know For Graduation

  • Are you Graduating?

If you’ve been at Southern Oregon University for 4 years and thought to yourself, “Welp, it’s been 4 years so I must be graduating,” you may be wrong. Turns out graduating requires things like “Credits” and “A Major,” so if you’ve been coasting through 12 terms of Intro to Theater not only are you not graduating, but you’ve also spent a ridiculous amount of money.

  • I know I’m graduating. What do I need to get?

Cap. And. Gown. Pretty basic one here. At Southern Oregon University we pride ourselves on being “different” and “non-conformist, you wouldn’t understand,” but graduation is the time when we all come together and wear the same thing. If you’re wondering where you buy the cap and gown, they are currently being sold at the SOU Bookstore.

  • Ok, I have all the stuff. Where is it?

The SOU Football Field–you know, where it’s been every year. No RSVP required, just show up to Raider Stadium and you will be greeted by your fellow classmates who you’ve only made awkward eye contact with in USEM.

  • That’s great and all, but when is it?!

Check in starts at 7:00 AM and is located on the visitor stands of Raider Stadium. The procession will begin at 8:45. I know you haven’t seen the better part of 7:00 AM since your freshman year, but Southern Oregon University is gonna make you stick this one out. Don’t sleep in or your parents will be disappointed (it’s not the first time).

  • Oh yeah, what should I tell my parents?

First off I would send them this article; they probably need it more than you. Second you should reassure them that there are no tickets required, that SOU is only allowing one program per family, and gates open at 7:00 AM. Also tell your parents you love them, and you will call them when they’re old.

  • What if I get on stage and they don’t hand me a real Diploma?

That’s a great question because they won’t. Pseudo diplomas will be issued at graduation, and the real ones will be mailed to your residence. You should know the mailing will take 4-6 weeks, a time where you may doubt if you really graduated at all. Don’t worry, you did graduate. Wait . . . did you?

  • Anything else I need to know?

LADIES, DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS. Recent improvements to our facilities have made the track and football field very susceptible to sharp objects. As a result SOU is asking that no one wear heels. Also any sign of intoxication, or any clowns who want to bring beach balls or air horns will be removed from the commencement. Also wear sunscreen, or layers. I don’t know–the weather has been crazy lately…