Good Luck on Midterms!

The falling of the leaves and the changing of temperatures marks the peak of autumn, which is all fun and games until you open your computer to see loads and loads of assignments. That’s right fellow Raiders, midterm season is upon us! All The Siskiyou can say is good luck for those who have them! 

This time of the academic year is difficult for the majority of students. Stress levels are high, students are often overworked, professors are grading papers like nobody’s business, the coffee shop workers are putting in extra hours. Basically, everyone on campus is overwhelmed. So, if students have some time to take out of this crazy week and are reading this article, here are some tips to surviving the dreaded midterm week. 

The Hannon Library is going to be students’ best friend these next couple of weeks! They have great online and in person resources. Students can search articles on the online database linked above. In addition, they have a fantastic facility that is perfect for studying full of physical and online resources, study nooks, and a coffee shop! They are open most days from 8am-9pm. For more information on their hours, go to this link! In addition, the library is hosting a “Long Night Against Procrastination” event on November 6th. Students can come between 8am-12pm and have snacks to fuel studying! There will also be librarians available to assist students with any research questions. At this event, there will also be science, math, and writing tutors available to help students! Thankfully, this is not the only time these tutors are available! Any students can stop by the Tutoring Center anytime between 8am and 6pm and get assistance with writing, science, and math. Students can easily schedule appointments to meet with tutors, or drop by! If students are seeking assistance that the tutoring center can not provide, try emailing the Disability Resource Office to find out how best to help you and your academic goals.  If the library sounds too quiet, another great place to study is the Stevenson Union which provides community and is the hub for student life. They have several venues for diverse student life and it is a great place to grab a bite to eat and crack down on studying. 

Midterm week many times requires assistance outside of the classroom. The Student Health and Wellness Center is a fantastic resource that can help students with many needs. Unfortunately this time of year is also the start of flu season. The SHWC can assist with check ups and other kinds of primary medical care. In addition, they have mental health care such as therapy and other sources. Students can book appointments for either of those services, along with other medical or psychiatric needs through the MyHealth portal on inside sou! The Student Health and Wellness Center is open from 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday and is free for students. 

Many students struggle with taking care of themselves during this stressful time, so here is a friendly public service announcement to take care of whatever your body and mind need! Make sure to eat full meals, drink plenty of water, and get as much sleep as possible. Take efficient study breaks and try to get outside or stop by the Student Rec Center to burn off some stress! However you choose to cope with stress and midterms this year, just know that it will be over soon and just to put forward your best efforts, whatever that looks like in this moment, and it will turn out. Once again, good luck to midterm students! The Siskiyou is sending all the anti-stress and positive vibes your way! 

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