Check Out This Years Bavarian Night

The annual festive event; Bavarian Night was held this past Saturday, February 18th at our own Mt. Ashland. Bavarian Night draws in all sorts of crowds and ages and is an amazing palace to share the love for the mountain. This event has a little bit to offer for everyone with the raffle, fireworks, live music, a beer garden, and so much more. People from all over make the drive to come to enjoy this special night. If you don’t ski or snowboard, Bavarian night is a great time even if you just spend your time in the lodge. 

This event is such a great easy to spend a Saturday night. The whole mountain gets filled with liveliness every year. You can start your day off with some of the amazing German food they were offering as well as many other items such as the die-for chili fries. In my experience lodge food has always been overpriced for what you’re getting, but at Mt. Ashland, I was pleasantly surprised with the options and quality of food. 

If you get in before 4:00 PM you can ride Mt. Ashland’s largest lift; the Ariel run. This is one of the less steep runs on the mountain and it’s an overall favorite for skiers and snowboarders. Even if you don’t catch the Ariel run, more runs are open until it gets dark. Another common favorite run is Wormhole. Wormhole is a super fun fast paced run full of smaller jumps, one after the next. Worm hold is great for those at a higher skill level, while still benign and manageable for those who are still learning. After it gets dark there are still two lifts that run up until 9:00 PM, there is still plenty of fun to be had when the sun goes down. 

After spending the day out in the snow, is when it’s time to head in to enjoy a drink while soaking in the music. The lodge turns into a concert as people call it a day on the lifts and join the dance floor in the upstairs lodge. Once the music stops and the lifts are done, that means it’s time for the firework show. The firework show carries on for 10 minutes or so while everyone gathers in the beer garden to enjoy the fireworks together.

Bavarian night is a great event to look forward to for next year. Come join the crowds at Mt. Ashland and check out this event for yourself. If you missed this year make sure to make your calendars next year for Bavarian night at Mt. Ashland so you can enjoy all the many things it has to offer. You can keep up with Mt. Ashland and other events they host on their website Make sure to pay attention next February for news on Bavarian night!

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