The Future is Wide Open

WordPress LogoNothing changes as fast as the world of the interwebs and The Siskiyou is trying to not be the exception. To that end we’re rolling out a modest update to our look and feel that we intend to be more evolution than revolution and that nobody will feel complete adrift in the new look. To get a little geeky for a moment, the new theme (in the world of WordPress the look, feel and functionality of a site is bundled up in a Theme) has already been applied. The real work of moving content around and fitting it to the correct “slots” will happen over the remainder of the summer.

Another truism with world of the web is one can ask five people their opinion on a given site design and get back 10 responses nearly all of which will be contradictory. Unlike building a nuclear reactor, it seems everybody feels confident in their web expertise.

So rather than give this design and that design a try-out, we’re just going with this new theme and seeing how it plays out. No doubt some people will hate the new look, some will love it, and others will ask “What? There’s a new look?” The goal is that the new look not get in the way of the content and that visitors will be able to quickly scan the site, several times a day, and know if there’s anything there for them.

Yes, we’ll be adding a form where you can give feedback on the new look. Yes, we’ll try harder to include photographs with more of our stories. Yes, we’ll include multimedia wherever possible.

On a slightly personal note, as the guy behind the curtain of the online incarnation of The Siskiyou, I would like to add my thanks for everybody who continues to visit this site and especially for people who leave feedback.

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