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The Nerd Is The Word: Farewells and Summer Movies

Welcome to the final issue of The Nerd Is The Word. In this issue, our hero boldly goes where many men have gone before, THE CINEMA! Well, here it is, the final issue of The Nerd Is The Word. It has been fun bringing you my nerdy rants this past year. But now, I’m graduating […]

Star Trek Into Darkness Review: Boldly Go See This Film

The summer of science fiction continues with the sequel to J.J. Abrahms’ 2009 reboot to the 1966 television series, Star Trek. The new film, Star Trek Into Darkness sees the return of the crew of the USS Enterprise. Six months after the events of Star Trek, we reconnect with Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), […]

Thale Review: Independent Norwegian Film Plays To A Very Specific Audience

I think it’s about time to dive deeper into Norwegian fantasy films. In 2010 I discovered Troll Hunter on Netflix and was blown away. It’s a found footage film that has the most compelling story I’ve ever seen in that style of film. Recently, while stumbling around the bowels of the internet for similar films, […]

Oblivion Review: A Familiar SciFi Outing Worth Seeing

If you are a fan of science fiction film dating back to the 1970s, the first thing that you will notice about Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion is that it seems familiar. You’ve seen it before but you can’t quite place what movie it reminds you of. Then it starts to dawn on you throughout the film […]

The Nerd is the Word: Record Store Day 2013 Is Coming!

Welcome to another stellar issue of The Nerd is the Word. In this issue, our hero’s arch-nemesis has subjected him to the torture of cleaning toilets, will he ever escape? Find out NOW. Saturday, Apr. 20, independent record stores across the country will be participating in this year’s iteration of the annual Record Store Day to bring […]

AIFF 2013: The Forgotten Kingdom

In The Forgotten Kingdom, Atang (Zenzo Ngqobe) is a thuggish young man living in the South African city of Johannesburg. After finding that his estranged father has died, he makes the long journey back to his ancestral homeland of Lesotho to bury him. While in Lesotho, Atang reconnects with his childhood friend Dineo (Nozipho Nkelemba) […]

AIFF 2013: Curfew

During the 12th Ashland Independent Film Festival, audiences were lucky enough to see three of the 85th Academy Award nominated short films, including the film that took home this year’s award, Curfew. Curfew is a darkly funny short, and I mean darkly funny. We open on the attempted suicide of Richie (played by Writer/Director Shawn […]

AIFF 2013: The Story of Luke

“Grandma said that I defy clinical categorization, I am just as special as anyone else, maybe even a little bit more,” explains Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci) about his autism. That explanation may even be the best way to describe The Story of Luke (directed by Alonso Mayo) as a film. Pucci plays Luke, an autistic […]

AIFF 2013: From Nothing, Something – A Documentary On The Creative Process

From Nothing, Something is perhaps (in my opinion from what I’ve seen) the documentary of this year’s Ashland Independent Film Festival. The documentary, directed by Tim Cawley, chronicles the creative process. But where this diverges from most creativity based documentaries, is that some of the participants are not who you would expect. Cawley interviews the […]

AIFF 2013: Jake Shimabukuro – Life On Four Strings

“When I’m on stage, all I want to do is connect with people…” narrates Jake Shimabukuro over video of him performing for senior citizens in Sedai, Japan. It’s a common sentiment expressed by musicians, but perhaps it rings more true during the closing minutes of the Ashland Independent Film Festival. The documentary about the Hawaiian-born […]

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