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History Repeats: This week in 1992

“Bookstore: Is it really ripping us off?” by Alison Berliner (The Siskiyou, Oct. 13, 1992) Does the bookstore at Southern Oregon State College overcharge students who purchase new or used books? Does the bookstore cheat people out of a decent buyback price as well? Many students at SOSC believe so. “They’re ripping us off,” exclaims […]

Human need, not corporate greed: Looking through the eye of the needle

Sunday marked the 23rd day of the Occupy Wall Street protests that originated in New York and have since moved to numerous other cities across the country, including Ashland. The protests’ central goal is to fight corporate greed and social inequality, and I say it’s about damn time. Consider this: Executives are making salaries approximately […]

Fire up the DeLorean: A trip through The Siskiyou’s past – Week 2

“Living North of The Boarder” by Rolando Flores (The Siskiyou, November 24, 1992) “Americans have the right to be racists against us, this is their country,” said Maria Gonzalez from Guadalajara, Mexico, in a conversation with her seven-year-old daughter while she complained about how she was treated by some Americans. Out of ignorance, maybe out […]

Ashland shows its pride at 2011 Southern Oregon Pride Parade

Ashland shows its pride at 2011 Southern Oregon Pride Parade

There was never such a colorful display of exuberant individuals parading down the street Saturday as Lady Gaga’s  “Born This Way” radiated fearlessness through the hearts of the crowd. Ashland’s 2011 Pride Parade drew about thirty floats and over a thousand marchers, as the community dedicated their wares, time and support to reinforce this year’s […]

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Submit a brief statement (100 words or less) on why Pabst Blue Ribbon is a true gentleman’s drink. Please keep submissions tasteful (no pun intended). Winning submission will be immortalized in the hallowed pages of The Siskiyou commentary section.  

OSPIRG’s 5 Tips to Save Energy

1. Plug your computer system into a power strip and turn off the strip when you leave the room or go to sleep. 2. For that study lamp, use compact flourescent light bulbs. 3. Wash only full loads of laundry (but don’t over stuff the washer or dryer either.) 4. Set your computer to go […]

Fire up the DeLorean: This ain’t your mother’s scrapbook

Southern Oregon University Siskiyou enthusiast Megan Zeimer highlights some of her favorite stories from Siskiyou’s past Where have all the black profs gone? by Wendy Homrighaus (The Siskiyou, January 12, 1993)  How many black faculty members have you seen at Southern Oregon State College lately? None. But why? Over the last 10 years at SOSC, […]

Peek @ The Week 5/3-5/9

Tuesday May 3 • 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Biology Club plant sale, in greenhouses next to Science building. • 11:45 a.m. Guided Relaxation in Diversions. • 3-7 p.m. (Mon.-Th.) Climbing Gym open hours, behind McNeal Pavilion. • 3-4:30 p.m. ( Tue. & Th.) “Get Fit” in SU 319. • 4-6 p.m. New Directions: Economic Choices for […]

Raiders Hosted Football Clinic

The Southern Oregon Football team held a free clinic in Medford for kids. Nearly 40 area children attended the clinic put on by the Raiders football team. For pictures of the event, visit www.souraiders.com. The Southern Oregon football team will host their annual Spring Game on May 6 at 7 p.m. at the Raider Stadium. […]

Sober shuttle offers cheap ride home

Many of us have been stuck without a ride for one reason or another. If you are an Ashland resident and you find yourself in this situation, you may be in luck. Jeffrey Hayes, sophomore and theater-business major at SOU runs the “Sober Shuttle” for those who may have had too much to drink or […]