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Weed and You: SOU Experts Weigh In

Marijuana has effectively been illegal for recreational use in the United States since the Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937, and although federally illegal, Colorado and Washington have passed laws making it legal to grow, sell and use marijuana. On November 4th 2014 Oregon voters took to the ballot to pass a similar state […]

How New Pot Laws Affect You

Oregon’s prohibition of marijuana has ended. As of Nov. 4, 2014 Oregon became the third state to legalize Marijuana for recreational use. Measure 91 will go into effect on July 1, 2015, permitting Oregonians 21 and older to own up to 8 ounces and up to 4 plants. While many may be excited with measure […]

More Diversity- Promises New Sheriff

  Now that the election is past and Ashland’s Deputy Police Chief Corey Falls is the new Jackson County Sheriff elect beating out long time incumbent Mike Winters, the question is—what will Falls do with his new position? The new Sheriff sat down with The Siskiyou to answer some of our questions. One of the […]

Marijuana dispensery opens in Ashland

Members of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program now have a new resource in Ashland for medical marijuana. The Greenery, which opened April 20, is located at 1746 Ashland St. The non-profit business offers free membership, free classes, discounted therapeutic services and on-site medicine. The Greenery does not have doctors that can issue OMMP cards, but […]

Marijuana Measures Fail

Marijuana Measures Fail

California’s Proposition 19 and Oregon’s Measure 74 were roasted in the polls early last week, but supporters of marijuana reform laws are confident that the 2012 elections will deliver better results. A Gallup national survey released a week prior to Nov. 2 showed that American’s support for legalizing marijuana reached an all-time high at 46 […]