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City Council debates corporate personhood, campaign financing

In a split vote, the Ashland City Council rejected a proposal to draft a statement in support of abolishing corporate personhood during Tuesday’s council meeting, instead settling on a less strongly worded resolution in support of increased oversight of campaign financing by states. Supporters of the original proposal argued that Ashland should ally with several […]

New Digital Music Production Group provides inspiration for music lovers, producers

Of the many services offered at Southern Oregon University, the newly established Digital Music Production Group is undeniably a revolutionary inspiration to music lovers and producers alike. The club held its first inaugural meeting in the SU Diversions on Monday evening, providing a variety of snacks, drinks and enthusiastic conversations regarding the music industry and […]

Drying prints and dead robins: a peek inside SOU’s printmaking lab

Every day, students can be found in SOU’s printmaking lab drawing, cutting, inking and pressing. Sometimes what ends up on the drying rack is a small square of paper crisscrossed with lines and blotches of ink, the outcome of somebody testing out a new technique. Other times, it’s a negative of a dead robin.

Riki Ott, Occupy organizer, to host two workshops over the weekend

In name of the 99 percent, the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread like wildfire since its inception, burning its message through hundreds of communities in the United States. Ashland is no exception. Occupy Ashland has grown exponentially since it began four months ago, increasing its presence in the community and attracting the attention of […]

OSPIRG’s “March Forth” rally will have to raise its own money, Ashland city council says

The Ashland City Council rejected the Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group’s request for a waiver on the special events fee for an upcoming march and rally during the city council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 7. OSPIRG has put together an event, scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. on Mar. 4, that will begin with […]

Daniel Verner exhibit to close Thursday

His eyes look at the painting as if it’s the first time he’s seen it. The way he stares at the scene on the canvas is the way one might stare at a difficult math equation. He tries to figure it out. “Sirens,” he finally says, “I hadn’t thought of that aspect.” Daniel Verner is […]

Homeschool kids bring robot gladiators to town

Although increasingly immersive virtual entertainment is capturing the minds of many young children these days, the scientific world seems to be rising to the occasion, fighting back to reclaim the imaginations of a generation of kids raised on video games. With this in mind, Think Tank Kids, a program dedicated to inspiring exploration and innovation […]

Beatriz Abella to Perform in SOU Recital Hall on Friday

Beatriz Abella to Perform in SOU Recital Hall on Friday

Beatriz Abella, an SOU student who has performed at Carnegie Hall, will be performing on Friday in the SOU Recital Hall from 1230 p.m. to 1 p.m. For more information on Beatriz Abella, please see: http://siskiyou.sou.edu/2011/05/10/student-performs-at-carnegie-hall/ http://siskiyou.sou.edu/2011/10/12/sou-student-to-perform-abroad/ http://siskiyou.sou.edu/2011/11/11/sou-student-invited-back-to-carnegie-hall-this-time-to-perform-duet-with-fellow-student/

Chicken Pox Present at SOU: One Case Identified, Close Contacts Notified

A Message From SOU Medical Director Dr. Laura Robin: Dear Campus Community, The Student Health and Wellness Center would like our campus to know that chicken pox is circulating in the community and we have had a case here at SOU. Although known close contacts have already been identified and notified, the affected student was on campus over […]

Peek @ the week (or month…) for February

Thursday, Feb. 2 Noon – 1 p.m. Student Sustainability Discussions in SU 105. 4:30 p.m. Mindfulness drop-in group in SU 314/315. 5-8 p.m. Black History Month film in Meese Auditorium (Art Building). 5-8 p.m. T-shirt and underwear party in Diversions. 7-10 p.m. Performance Training for climbing, in rock climbing gym.   Friday, Feb. 3 8 […]