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Review: “Carrie” Can’t Compete Against Similar Films

    Carrie is the story of a young girl with powers, her religious mother, and every single high school movie about teenage girls since the 90’s. Though the movie tries to answer the big questions like “Why are periods so nasty?” and “Why do teenage girls like sex so much?”, it’s distracted not only […]

Review: “Company Man” Single is as Enjoyable As it is Complex

                      This week The Siskiyou had the pleasure of hearing folk singer Kris Gruen’s new single entitled Company Man. This song fits well with the Ashland music scene. The music blends a hint of bluegrass, a hint of punk, a bit of country and a […]

Review: Reign’s Fiction Less Interesting Than It’s History

It can’t claim to be accurate. Reign is about as much – or probably less – a responsible recounting of Mary, Queen of Scots’ life as The Tudors was of Henry VIII’s. While the pilot episode opens with some promise, giving us a fairly gruesome indication of the danger Mary’s highly politicized life is in, […]

Education Outside of Tradition

I sit in the back of classes, hiding. I feel like a two-headed frog, except no one else knows I am a two-headed frog. The other students appear at ease surrounded by their contemporaries, pursuing knowledge, learning skills, sharing their ideas and Selves. They do not have to consider the nature of their presence in […]

Gravity: A Heavy Film

Ever since Gravity‘s release there has been a flood of reviews quickly jumping into the fray to call it “the next 2001: A Space Odyssey” or the like. This is not Stanley Kubrick, nor is it Ron Howard; it’s Alfonso Cuarón, the director of such classics as Children of Men, Y Tu Mamá También and […]

Review – American Horror Story: Coven

In comparison to the two previous seasons, Coven seems to be a step in a slightly different direction for the show known for being so edgy. While previous seasons have shown us mutilated babies, alien encounters, and a retelling of the Black Dahlia murder, this new season is either slow to pick up or simply […]

The 5 Most Interesting New Shows of Fall 2013

The fall TV season started a couple weeks ago now with an array of new shows. For us busy college students, though, we only have so much time to waste on TV viewing. Here’s an overview of the top five most interesting new shows to check out in that limited free time you have. The […]

This Summer In Gaming: What To Look For In The Coming Months

Today will be a break from the usual formula of this column. As this will be the last Siskiyou gaming article for the school year, I thought that I’d talk a little bit about what we’ve seen so far this year in the gaming industry, and what to look for this summer. First, let’s talk […]

Love Your Body week started slow, but ended with a bang

Last week was Love Your Body week, sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center and the Queer Resource Center of Southern Oregon University. Love Your Body week featured multiple talks and discussions, three of which I attended personally. Two of these seemed more conversation than professional talk, not out of any fault of the presenters, but […]

SOU Confessions: the best of the best, week four

The Southern Oregon University Confessions Facebook page has been enormously popular among the student body of SOU, wracking up over 1,500 likes and over 3,500 posts since its inception on Feb. 20, 2013. The page allows students to anonymously post “confessions” about their experiences at SOU through a SurveyMonkey form. The administrators review each post […]